Colleen Madsen

“Success is not an accident. It’s a choice.“

Colleen is a successful entrepreneur, executive, and leader with a passion for life-long learning. She has over 30 years of experience in financial management, marketing, sales and business development, communication strategies, and a personal Ph.D. in human behavior.

Most people know Colleen through Sandler Training. She started, grew and eventually sold this thriving business. For almost 20 years Colleen has provided sales, sales management and leadership development to a diverse range of Alberta business clients and several National Canadian firms.

Shelley MacDonald

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose“ (GK Nielson)

Shelley is a focused and committed individual who is known as a challenging and effective leader. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her from a business partner/owner of a commercial construction company to a National Sales Manager traveling across Canada working with hundreds of clients. An effective presenter she possesses a natural ability to engage her audience and to motivate and coach her sales people as well as the sales and management teams of her clients.  Email Shelley

These clients included small and mid- sized local businesses, as well as national entities. Consulting to organizations who employ a sales force of inside and outside sales professionals, in addition to branch sales, support staff and executive teams. Colleen has trained and coached thousands of individuals in a vast range of disciplines.

Colleen is a huge believer in continually improving, teaching, motivating, leading and mentoring. Her work is a reflection of her personal belief that as individuals we need to be open to new ideas, constantly learning and adapting to change in order to flourish. She believes that the true measurement of success lies in watching people change, grow and achieve their own personal levels of success; however as a business owner, she always keeps a steady eye on revenue and the bottom line. Colleen is completely committed to helping others become great.

As National Sales Manager she developed a team of sales professionals, recruiting, training and managing them from coast to coast.

She is skilled at ground zero launching of new businesses and products. A strategic thinker she has championed the launch of new businesses, products and ideas to market. She will develop and structure SOP’s with execution plans then coach and train sales professionals to deliver on the best practices.

She recognizes the necessity to define the immediate needs and implement remedies for short term goals, which ultimately become the building blocks of long term corporate goals.